the design process

I start most of my digital designs as pencil sketches. I enjoy the connection to the art and the tactile approach. It's very easy to create a handful of thumbnail sketches and choose which direction to take the digital renderings. 

mojo old city bbq concepts

Mojo Old City BBQ is located in one of the oldest cities in America - St. Augustine, FL. I tried to convey the history of the town through a hand made weathered wrought iron look for the lettering and flourishes. 

final vector art

After several edits and design briefs we landed on the above group of branding for the main logos, alternates, apparel and signage.


springing the blues concept sketches

This oceanfront music festival is held every spring in Jacksonville Beach, FL. I was commissioned to create a new logo to update the branding and look of the festival. 

Final vector art

The final 4 color and 1 color logos that were chosen embody the festive spirit of the community and the lively yearly gathering. Without being too busy or detailed the logos embody movement and excitement. These concepts went on to be used on apparel, signage and various applications throughout the festival grounds and promotions.


Final Vector Art

Each cover is unique to the storyline of each novel from typefaces to textures and color schemes. 

Book Cover Concept Sketches

This project was to create three book covers for some F. Scott Fitzgerald novels. The design elements are based on the stories and embody the spirit of the roaring 20's and art deco.